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"I want it all" - Queen, 1989.

KEF LS50 Racing Red Special Offer

Limited Edition   Rarely the case in such a compact design, the LS50 monitor delivers a rich, multi-dimensional 'soundstage experience' that is out of all proportion to its size. Patent-pending acoustic designs,...


Hegel Mohican CD Player

The Mohican is something as rare as a dedicated CD-Player. A dedicated CD-Player using the very latest in digital processing - adapted for CD-only. The results are astonishing. Several years...


Hegel Rost Integrated Amplifier

Röst is the name of one of Norway's most beautiful islands. Way up north in Lofoten. About as far out from the mainland as you can get. The name fits...


Audio Desk Systeme Pro Vinyl Cleaner

Audio Desk Systeme Pro Vinyl Cleaner